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There are a lot of changes which has happened after independence of India like we got freedom from the britishers and we become independent a lot to do our own work by ourselves and we do not need to depend upon others what we had to do during the time of post independence. Ambedkar and gandhiji led many movement to remove the caste system against dalits and those meaningless things like sati and all. They fought against the britishers to gave us freedom. But In my opinion I think the division which was happened between pakistan and India is totally wrong. Because of that we hated each other and there is a rivalry born out between hindus and muslims, before that everyone was like united there was not that much difference between these two communities, All were together that time. Gandhi ji should have not given support to Mohammad Ali Jinnah for the partition of pakistan and India because It brings a lot of difference and hatred among these two communities. If it didn’t happen then we all would have lived together happily now there would be no war for kashmir. If I talk about the political ups and downs then yes it got worst day by day. All the ministers are making fake promises. Congress got worst than what it supposed to be in 20s. Diversities in caste are still there after independence because of some people of some area. They are still raising objection and support the caste system. There are some narrow minded people who do not want there child to marry in other caste or religion. They still (specially brahmins) down the other lower caste people to not to touch them or to enter people. Some of the places there are devdasis also who got married with gods and the pandits in the temple forcefully got intimated with these womens. I think these things should be stopped or some steps should be taken by government to stop all these nonsense and unrealistic things. About womens, womens are totally not safe in India at all specially in Delhi. Everyday we hear about rape cases in every part of India. Police are doing nothing they are just taken those things very casually and doesn’t do anything for the victims. There are no strict rules for the rapist unlike other countries. Some of Indians get so sympathetic that they demand bail for those evil rapists and do not want them to dead. But I think death is not the solution to punish rapists government should make a strict law like to make them transgender/bisexual so that they can’t rape to anyone again and those who will try to do would be filled with fear. Nowadays women’s safety is more important. Some of the womens can’t get out of there home to work because of the unprotective surroundings. They afraid to go out for work. I would say that India is an independent country but the women’s of India are not Independent. They are still dependent on the male dominating society. I want that India should bring changes for women and make them independent. I want that in future India should be witnessed by these changes. Poverty in India is increasing day by day because of the unemployed people and more than that because of increasing population. Government should do something to remove poverty from India and they should give opportunity and job for the unemployed people. They should give free education to the poor children and people and should give some work so that they can atleast eat. Terrorist attacks are also one of the major cases in India. Day by day terrorists are entering India and try to harm our country. India should take major protection against the terrorist and answered them like tit for tat. My dream for India is that I want that women will get secure in the future India and all the crimes, poverty, attacks, discrimination will being stopped and we will raise our country to a better and higher position above all.

Jai hind!

About the author: Sagarika Das
Sagarika is from Delhi, pursuing English honours at Delhi University. She is working hard to gain confidence while speaking in English and wants to articulate her thoughts better while writing. She is an exceptionally hard-working student. Sagarika’s mother is her absolute favourite person in the world. Sagarika is also quite the dancer and loves to dance like nobody’s watching.

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