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An Autobiography of WordsMaya, written by Tejas Shinde, has won our hearts at WordsMaya.

Read on, to know more.

WordsMaya as a company came into being in May 2015.

As we gained momentum, we experimented and researched about teaching methods, striving to always be updated about new developments in the field of education, connecting with students and instructors worldwide with only one aim in mind – Our students should find learning a language easy, fun & convenient .

We implemented their feedback, incorporated state-of-art technology and worked on our curriculum to give them the best Learn-on-Chat experience.

And we got results like these –

Student Tejas Shinde from IKSC Knowledge Bridge, wrote this piece as part of his Creative Writing Module assignment –

Autobiography of WordsMaya

Dear readers we are storytelling creatures and as children we acquire language to tell those stories that we have inside us. I believe my children have lots of stories to tell, many ideas to share but hesitation keeps them from their true potential. I think many facets of their personality went unheard and unnoticed because of language, to shed light on those facets and to help them with language I’m here.

I am from the world of languages. I am WordsMaya and I teach world’s most admired language………English.

I was born with the stories to tell this world but nobody was paying attention to me. Everybody was thinking that I was boring. My name was ‘Spoken English Book’. Whole day long I was sitting on the dusty shelves of library.

I still remember the day when Mr. Harshad Bhagwat adopted me. I told him that I want to train students in their English fluency and I wanted them to grow their English muscles. So one day he gifted me a great blue car named Telegram, he bought it from the Play Store. With that I started driving directly to my student’s phone.

As my students are my children I understand them clearly, I knew they had lot of other things to learn. So I didn’t disturb them, I worked according to their schedule. Whenever I used to see Wi-Fi signal ON, I used to drive my Telegram and in an instant I was at the student’s place. I was a loving mother at the same time I was a strict teacher.

Mother tongue, yes she is my sister, she told me that my students have loads of innovative ideas, many beautiful stories to share but they hesitate. That night I was sleepless thinking what if my students are made to work in a country where English is as important as breathe, my students will die inside out of suffocation.

Since then I decided to meet my children on Mondays, I connected with them, understood the reasons behind their hesitation. They were weak in the beginning, I took some grammar exercises, fluency yoga postures and body language breathings. Some of them had injuries I gave them confidence pills and vocabulary syrups. Slowly they started to improve, some of them even started building English muscles.

I have a different sensory system. I see the body language, I smell the confidence, I listen to the stories, I speak the proverbs and I touch the soul. With these senses I am able to understand the potential of every child. It’s a blissful experience when I see my children who were unable to share their ideas before are now contributing their share at a global level.

Unfortunate is he who hesitates to express what he feels and helping someone to overcome that hesitation is the best work one can do on earth.

I’m proud of my children and I’m proud of myself that I made a difference. Every coming year my children are proving that one language sets you in a corridor. Two languages can open every door along the way.

I’m a mother and I agree that no adjective in any language can express the feeling when a mother sees her son standing in confidence, addressing the audience.

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