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Supraja, a new learner of English with WordsMaya answered various questions on the occasion of India’s 70th Independence Day.

Q-1) What the positive and negative changes post independence in India?

The positive changes are:

  1. People need not be under british people.
  2. India has become democratic country.
  3. Education system has changed.
  4. People could do whatever they want.They need not be slaves for british people.
  5. Economical growth of India has improved.

The negative changes are

  1. People started being calm even towards aggressive persons in the name of ahimsa which makes them weaker towards people who are inferior than them.
  2. The old traditions have been lost. I have heard that childrens play with gold coins in road before independence period that is before british attacked our country.wealth of our country has gone.
  3. They have incorporated their culture in various parts of India which we are not able to change.They stole most of our country’s pride possesion.
  4. Today, most of us are looking for western culture than our own tradition.

Q-2) What is the state of the country post independence?

A. State of the country post independence is neither too good nor too bad. India has become a democratic country. India has become a developing country.It has lost its wealth which it had before independence. It had to face lot of consequences because of the British people. However India is developing now one day it will be a developed country.

Q-3) Tell us your dream for perfect India.

A.My dream is India should become a developed country. I hope it will become a developed country soon. I will do as much as I can as an Indian citizen. Today $1 equal to 68 rupees my dream is that one day 1 Rupee should be equal to $60.

My dream for India is India should become a wealthier country. It has to become a developed country. India should win a lot of prizes and awards in sports, cine field etc. Each and every people in India should pay their taxes properly. 100% Of Indians should be educated. Indians should do a lot of research work and should launch lot of satellites it should be the best country in the world.
We as an Indian citizen should work towards the prosperity of the country and should make India a developed country.

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